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Millennials Don't Make Love

Updated: May 11

The term “Making Love” was sent to death with the birth of the Millennium. What is it about the phrase that sends us running out the door in such haste we forget our panties? The answer my friends, is love. Love is a very serious statement; the thought of even mentioning those four letters to a sexual partner makes me cringe.

​The first time anyone ever brought up “Making Love” was on a spring break trip to my best friends Cape house. This guy I had been seeing for about 3 months, let the words slip from his mouth, mid thrust. With his sweaty body pressed on top of mine, and his shaggy hair swaying in the wind of our sexual tornado, he looked deep into my soul and said, “I love making love to you”. I immediately shut my eyes and prayed he would finish.

I was a senior in college with love on the bottom of my To Do List. I wanted to fuck and be fucked. I was interested in banging as many of my classmates as I could before the pool of drunk, available college students drifted into a glimmering memory of the glory days. The only reason I was even regularly sleeping with this kid was because he had weed growing in his closet and figured out how to make me squirt. I was definitely interested, but NOT looking for a future with anyone who could live in a drug den.

Needless to say, that time in The Cape was the last time we had sex.

When I hear the phrase “I want to fuck you”, I get a little bit excited. I’m over here thinking, this person is going to rail the life out of me leaving me satisfied and breathless. When I hear the phrase “I want to make love to you”, my body stiffens I start to sweat and I suddenly lose the ability to speak. I think relationships and commitment, things that aren’t necessarily bad, just not things I want to think about while I’m trying to get laid.

I’ve spoken to a few of my friends on the topic, friends that are long-term relationship people. Even they are uncomfortable with the phrase “Making Love”. Since most of them are truly in love their partners, they would NEVER consider comparing that relationship to someone/something they would “Just have sex with”.

So that’s the answer? Did we as a generation finally decide to separate love from sex? Would generations past shame us for diminishing the act of lovemaking? Or are millennials just the first to grow a pair and say it as it is?

Well I’m sure as hell not afraid to say it: love can be the most mind-blowing ride of your life, but so can a good fuck. I’ll “Make Love” when I’m married.


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